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SA Ahad
Aug 02, 2022
In Introductions
There are two fastest times: before one year old (an average of 25 cm a year) and adolescence (an average of 6-12 cm a year). At the age of 4-9, the growth rate of height will be slower (average 5-6 cm a year), but the slowest and slowest year must be 4 cm. If the child does not grow 4 cm tall in a year, pay attention to whether there is a pathological reason that causes him to grow slowly. In addition, if the child's growth rate suddenly becomes much faster than before at the age of 7-9, it should also be noted that the child may enter puberty (early). Average growth rate of children w656 Photo Credit: Q8 From a long-term perspective, the growth rate of children at each stage is very important. One is the effect of time accumulation: imagine popular database if you are 4-9 years old for six years, if you can grow six centimeters every year and those who only grow five centimeters every year, although the growth gap is only one centimeter every year, but you will accumulate six years. After the height difference will be less than six centimeters. If you can really grasp the time to grow taller from a young age, and grow full without wasting a moment, then the desired height will naturally be just around the corner. The second is to grasp the time when you can grow taller: we all say that when you enter puberty, you will start to sprint for height, and then the height will slow down and end. Therefore, how to immediately detect puberty and seize the last chance is also an important topic. 2. X-ray examination of bone age Bone age can be seen through the space in the growth plate to tell us how much space is left to grow taller. Bone age is not equal to actual age. A 10-year-old child may be 8 years old or 12 years old. It takes an X-ray to find out. Generally speaking, the growth plate is almost closed when the bone age of boys is 16 years old and the bone age of girls is 14 years old. Unclosed Bone Age vs. Bone Age Closed w616 Photo Credit: Q8 Comparing the pictures on the left and the right, you can find that there are more gaps between the bones and the size of the bones is smaller than the picture on the left. Looking more closely at the red circle, we can see that there is a thin seam in the red circle on the left, and the seam on the right is closed. This is the location of the so-called growth plate. When the growth plate is closed, the body has run out of time to grow taller.
Children grow taller at different rates at different developmental stages content media
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SA Ahad

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